Eclectronica Vol. 11 - Hide & Seek

Eclectronica Vol 11 - HideEclectronica Vol 11 - Seek












As the pandemic forced us to hide in our caves for the past year under threat of a deadly virus, I like many of you was forced out of all that I knew. Every aspect of the career that I have built for myself over the last 15 years relied on mass gatherings. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say that the toll on my mental health was severe. But as time goes on we adapt, and so too do we learn about ourselves in the darkest of places, and grow in ways that while painful at the moment will help us to be more resilient, and grateful for better days to come. Through these challenges, we are also able to seek out new ways of finding joy in the world. New ways to connect with each other. New ways to create magic that we might bring to the world in ways we didn't know we were capable of. As I release this gift to the world nearly half a year later than usual due to my mental health and overload from life's challenges making me procrastinate on making the artwork, I am looking forward to creating more soon for the first time in a while, and being able to share some of my love for music in front of real people on the open fields as the world begins to finally open up. All my love, and I hope you enjoy these mixes as much as I have for the past half-year <3

Disc 1, Hide:
The slower side, with deep organic vibes, healing tones, and soothing melodies to recapture a sense of safety and comfort.



Disc 2, Seek:
Bigger sounds with more contemporary production to drive our energies to a higher vibration as we take those good vibes into a brighter future.