Eclectronica Vol. 14 - Rock & Roll

Eclectronica Vol 14 - RockEclectronica Vol 14 - Roll












I present to you Eclectronica Vol. 14: Rock & Roll! This cheeky set illustrates why I love electronic music so much. Because it can be every and any kind of music. Rock, Blues, Pop, Classical, Jazz, Historical Speeches, Ted Talks, Things You Step on in the Woods, Memes, Whatever! If it's a sound you can take it and manipulate it into as unique and personal an experience as you can imagine. No genre is safe from anyone with a computer taking something they love and turning it into a new and exciting piece of art. It is by an infinite degree, the most comprehensive and inclusive form of artistic expression possible. Not matter what instrument you play, or whether you play one at all, you can record or create any sound you can imagine, create a rhythm and a melody and harmonize it with anything else your heart desires.

Disc 1 - Rock:
A lighter journey through a wealth of genres and genreless moods that are sure to illuminate deeper thoughts and emotions.


Disc 2 - Roll:
A heavier, bass fuelled, and driving experience through a wide array of cutting edge sound design that'll make you laugh, play, and shake your body.