Welcome to the Official Paradigm Theorem Website. Here you will find free music, information, social connections and more. The "Music" section will keep you neck deep in new music for any of your moods. Mixes is where you'll find all your favorite party rockin madness that I play out, in Special Releases you'll find mixes for chiilin' out or soakin' up some sun and all of my production releases are found in Tracks, Albums & EPs.

For all of you fans of the old school 4/4 beats; "Vinyl Answer" sets located in the "Even More" section are chock-full of fat electro/breaks and the love of the Amen break is well represented as well in the "Huge Metal Bowl" folder where you will find nothing but liquid dnb.

Most of you already know I believe that music is the biggest healer of any and all everyday troubles and as such I believe it should be available to everyone whether or not they can afford it. So in continuing compliance with my beliefs all music on my website is available free to everyone. If however you can afford to contribute your support and love for my music you can donate to any of the tracks or albums on my bandcamp which would buy me a beer or maybe even a new piece of equipment to make more music with :)

Peace and Love always,

-Paradigm Theorem