Eclectronica Vol. 13 - Angels & Demons

Eclectronica Vol 13 - AngelsEclectronica Vol 13 - Demons












It's that time again and as I find myself doing an Eclectronica writeup for the 13th year I think of how lucky I am to have discovered a passion for chill and beautiful music to carry me through my days and help so many more do the same. As I think about my lucky number I am reminded that though the number 13 was considered lucky in so many cultures in the past, colonialism has re-written its significance as it has with so many powerful symbols in so many cultures throughout history. While I thought about how I was going to put together this set and what kind of vibe it would need in order to do justice to such a powerful number I thought about the perceptions of good and bad and how so many concepts of right and wrong are often skewed by societal conditioning and even changing from minute to minute within our own minds. I thought about the struggles I have personally had to endure over the last three years and the ways I had to grow as I fought to follow the path of righteousness while my own inner turmoil fed me fear, resentment, and existential dread through the lens of my subconscious biases and the very real conscious harsh reality that my loved ones and I lived through.

And with that, I present to you Eclectronica Vol. 13 - Angels & Demons. I hope they inspire you to reconcile the light and dark parts of your inner world and recognize that without witnessing and giving space to both, one cannot be truly free to accept themselves for the challenges that make us who we are.

Disc 1, Angels:
A plethora of powerful vibes across many genres encapsulating a breadth of emotions and journeys one can experience on the path to feel like you are moving in the light.


Disc 2, Demons:
Next-generation sound designs and new musical genres give a louder and more bass-heavy journey into the shadows where we wrestle to meet our demons where they are on the path to understanding and creating the peace within that is necessary to grow from our traumas rather than being bound by them.