PT - Catalyst

The world is waking up. One after another, events spread like wildfire through our social consciousness that demand change. The time to rise up is now. Before it is too late. Let this music be a motivator to set your sights on a better future and reach for it with all your might. Use it to celebrate and keep your mental health high to give you the energy to make the changes in your own life that help you to help others. Spread love. Act with compassion. If you find you don't have the tools to help someone it is not an excuse to let them go and move on, but rather a challenge to you to find new tools. Because if we write each other off we only push each other into more vulnerable, and dangerous groups. If you privileged enough to have raised yourself to another level it is your responsibility to teach others how to get there. We are all in this together and it is our job to lift each other up. We are one race, connected to all life, on one planet. We are all we have. We need each other now more than ever. Set an example. Be the change.


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