Beauty and the Bass

I made this mix especially for my friends some time ago still under the Vinyl Answer name and have decided that I wanted to share this special mix with all of you. This is a collection of some of the most awe inspiring and moving tracks from my entire djing career. Every one of these tracks has a special meaning to me from days passed and each one no more or less significant than the last. They are every one of them beautiful and multi-faceted epic breaks (save for one house track) and are at the same time bass heavy, rollin' big beat science. I made this mix to inspire, uplift and basically get anyone who heard it from any bad mood they may be suffering through into the best of spirits. It was orchestrated with the worst day in mind and in a manner to fix it. The first track is a non confrontational intelligent mix that grabs what attention is needed to gain focus from the day. The second track was intentionally put there expected to be scoffed at by those in the worst of moods, but has the rollin' bass necessary to keep attention while setting the tone with a soft female vocal. The third is bass heavy and very intelligent which causes any remaining attention to your problems to be re-focused on following the suction of this very particular flow. After finally getting your attention you are dropped into a heavy sustained bass for long enough to make you wonder why it's still going, and with that last thought straying to the mix and letting yourself go, it ends it off in atmospheric air that leads to the cascading beauty of the tracks to come, each with a unique and different inspiration. Don't let life get the best of you. Enjoy.


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