This mix is for lovers of all things bass. Every genre is represented in this journey through bass and time. From Crunk attitude thru darkness, hands in the air shakers and soulful rhythms of bassy love, this trip will be a fun one :)
I called this mix Safeword to make my wife laugh and it ended up suiting in quite nicely however, it was originally titled "Timing is Everything" as it was created as a learning tool for our dj classes to illustrate a point. "Lay OFF the F$&%ing EQ!" All you veteran DJs have seen it... Some new dj who just learned to mix being all excited to play with his eq's and spending so much time poking at them and not even really moving them(or sometimes the opposite which can be worse). Meanwhile, they miss their drop points as their beats are falling off if they're not completely trainwrecking.... And it's not really their fault. They're just new and think that eq's are the only way to blend a track with another.
SO in a hope to save us all from the torture and help these up and comers properly channel their awesome talent, I tried something different... This mix was recorded completely without the use of a single EQ. That's right, the EQ's all started strait up and stayed that way from start to finish. Every single track was hot dropped live exactly at the moment you hear it all the while constantly changing bpm by sometimes 30 bpm in the span of 5 minutes over 3 mixes and once by 30 bpm in one mix(On turntables +/-8, no wide slider). All the while spanning 6 Genres and showcasing many different transitions. Thus illustrating that choosing your timing (when to mix), track selection and fixing your mistakes are 99% of being a good dj. EQing your tracks will not make them sound good together if you miss your drop window and nothing will help you if you can't even keep your beats on. The mix turns out worked wonders to further this point as proof that I'm not saying it over and over for no reason. "Playing with your EQ won't fix your trainwreck..." Play it safe till you know what you are doing, then try the fun stuff :)
I hope the idea behind this mix helps more people that I may not reach personally and provides some fat bass love to boot :)
*note: To all new DJs, This does NOT mean you can do every mix without EQing by any means. But there are certainly ways around it. Experiment and play around and you'll discover a world of fun possibilities. Happy Mixing :)


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